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Brief Description of the Company

The Holding Company Nytec is among the leading in the filed of video surveillance. Our Company has emerged on the utilities market since the year 2007. Major activities of our Company are linked with the sales and turn-key installation of equipment for video surveillance. The essential distinction of our Company’s services is the full compliance with the requirements that are set by the Customer, and it is our opportunity to fulfill them in accordance with the applicable technical requirements by use of the "upon request” system.
Our Company has its own lines for assembling digital equipment in Europe and the US; we use only high quality materials manufactured by famous brands across the world and offer to the Customer the products that do not have analogues. By applying such measures we are capable at sufficiently low cost to comply with all applicable technical requirements set for the manufactured goods and meet each and all requirement on the Customer side.
Our Company is one among a few companies that offer warranty and post-warranty services to the Customers.
The trade mark "NYCOM” has appeared on the Georgian market only 2 years ago, since that short time we have executed the works for construction of utilities under the state procurement projects which are classified with increased safety concerns, among them worth to note the projects for the Ministry of Defense and other governmental authorities.
Our products are at a great demand as they fully meet the Customer’s requirements in terms of affordable price and the highest quality of production as well.
Place an order for the equipment with our Company, it will make your life more safe, protect you from any danger, by ordering our digital products with enhanced safety you will bring more comfort into your home.
You can do it. 

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